Discounted Rate Plumbing Services Program

Posted By on June 22, 2018

Management finalized a plumbing service/replacement program with Countywide Mechanical where residents can replace plumbing components and complete preventative maintenance in your unit and all at a discounted rate. This program is meant to make it easy for you to get plumbing work done in your unit, reduce the chance of floods, limit water shut offs and save a little money… Below is a list of services and associated cost for this program, however the prices will go down even further the more people that sign up for each service. We will be completing this program July 24-26th and will be shutting down one zone per day. So when signing up, please make sure you are available on your zone’s service date. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your manager to discuss the program, sign ups or any other questions you may have.

Lower Zone shut off (floors 2-10) – Tuesday, July 24th 8am – 4pm

Middle Zone shut off (floors 11-17) – Wednesday, July 25th 8am-4pm

Upper Zone shut off (floors 18-21) – Thursday, July 26th 8am-4pm

 Sign Up Deadline: Friday, July 13th

A La Cart Services and Cost:

  1. Replace 8 – 1/4 turn angle stops, 1 – dual 1/4 turn, 8 – supply lines, 1- toilet supply line = $659.09
  2. Replace washing machine (hot/cold) valve box = $323.15
  3. Run cable/snake down master and guest bath sinks and tub = $220.00
  4. Rebuild the inside of the toilet (flapper, fill valve etc.) = $169.18
  5. Change out master and guest shower cartridge (can cause reduced temperatures if not changed out every 3-4 years) = $505.25

Total cost to complete all services = $1,724.29 ($152.58 off the individual a la cart prices)


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