Holiday Reminders

Posted By on November 21, 2017

Holiday Decorations, Wreaths, Lights and Trees

Please see the ALTA Project Handbook for a full list of Rules and Regulations.  Below is a summary of those rules as they pertain to holiday decorations.


  • Only fire retardant treated trees are permitted.
  • All trees must be wrapped or bagged when carried through any common area.
  • Please be courteous and clean up any mess made by fallen needles and tree clippings.


  • A wreath on an over-the-door hanger may be displayed on main entry doors provided that

it does not harm their finish.

 Lights and Decorations

  • All holiday lighting must have a “UL” or comparable rating.
  • Outdoor lights must be designed for outdoor use.
  • All lighting must be turned off each night.

 Timeframe and Disposal

  • The acceptable timeframe for winter holiday decorations is from the day after Thanksgiving until January 10th.
  • Holiday decorations, including Christmas trees, may not be disposed of in the trash dumpster or recycling bin on P1.
  • A dedicated tree recycling bin will be provided by the Association on December 26th on P1 adjacent to the refuse recycling bin, and will be removed on January 8th.

Thank you for your cooperation, and have a safe and happy holiday season.


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