New Emergency Key Box at Alta

Posted By on August 24, 2017

The Board of Directors recently approved the purchase of a high security emergency key box, which has been installed in the Management office. This box if for residents to leave a key on file in case of emergencies. The key will only be used in case of fire, flood or other life threatening issues and you will be notified prior to the staff (manager or engineer) entering the unit so you are aware of the issue. It can also be used to authorize management to enter your unit for services such as fire sprinkler inspections, kitchen drain service and any other required service where mandatory access is needed. This new safe requires each authorized personnel to swipe the key in and out which is monitored and controlled by audit software, so you know who used the key, when and when it was put back in the safe. If you get locked out of your unit during business hours, you can also use the key for access to your unit by the Manager. If you would like to have a key on file, please come by the office and leave a key with your manager. If you have any question or concerns about this process or new system, please reach out to your manager.


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