Short Term Rentals and Requirements

Posted By on June 15, 2017

Did you know there is a thirty (30) day minimum lease agreement required at Alta? Any unit noticed having a rental less than the required thirty day period will be called to a hearing and face a potential fine of $5,000 per day rented.

  • An Owner shall be entitled to rent the Owner’s entire Residential Condominium (but not a portion thereof) for a term of not less than thirty (30) days. The Owner shall be responsible for all actions of the tenant and shall comply with the following guidelines.
  • Written Lease or Rental Agreement. Any rental or leasing agreement shall be in writing, shall provide that the lease or rental is subject to the Governing Documents and shall provide that any failure to comply with any provision of the Declaration or the Governing Documents shall be a default under the terms of the lease agreement.  A copy of any lease agreement shall be provided to the Association.
  • Compliance with Governing Documents. A copy of the Governing Documents and the Project Handbook shall be provided by the Owner to each tenant. The leasing Owner is responsible for its tenant’s compliance with all of the provisions of the Declaration and Project Handbook pursuant to the occupancy and use of the Condominium at all times.
  • All Owners should ensure their tenants maintain the appropriate renter’s insurance in sufficient amounts to cover the cost of replacement of all such tenants’ personal property and liability at the Project during the entire term of their respective lease agreements.  Since each insurance carrier may vary in policy, it is each Owner’s responsibility to obtain the appropriate type of insurance for such Owner’s Condominium while it is leased and that the form of such insurance, including all coverage amounts, complies with such Owner’s obligations under the applicable Governing Documents.  Depending on the insurance carrier, an Owner may be required to change their property insurance coverage to a commercial or other type of business policy as dictated by such Owner’s individual insurance carrier.  Neither the Association, nor the Property Manager, may advise you on such matters.
  • No Hotel, etc. No Condominium may be rented for hotel, motel or transient purposes or for any other purpose inconsistent with the Declaration.

If you notice a short term vacation rental or have any questions about this information, please contact the management office at 619-534-1609 or


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