Security Alert and New Security Measures

Posted By on May 30, 2017

Recently two Alta resident reported items being stolen from their vehicle at Alta. In these instances the cars were left unlocked and valuable items were in the vehicle. Please make sure to keep your car doors locked at all times and make sure to secure or take all of your valuable items up to your unit. When thieves find and take items from our building, they usually come back if they were successful. Most of these suspects are getting in the building by residents at the front door or following cars in the main garage entrance, so please be cautious of who is lurking around the building waiting for an opportunity to get in and commit a crime. If you notice something strange during business hours, please reach out to management at 619-534-1609 or contact security after hours at 619-250-5757.

Over the last several weeks the Board of Directors approved two projects to ensure a higher level of security at the building by installing a new fob software system, eliminating hundreds of old fobs of people that no longer should have access to the building. During this process residents had to register each of their units fobs (up to 4) and submit a copy of their lease agreement if it is tenant occupied. In addition Board approved the upgrade of the surveillance system by adding 8 high definition cameras to the main access points of the building. This makes identifying crime, violations and individuals easier for the building staff.

We hope that Alts’s security system provides some deterrence to crime. However, the association can never be crime-free. For example, it is possible for someone to enter the property under false pretenses to commit crimes, for residents to commit crimes against their own neighbors, for guests of residents to commit crimes, and for employees to commit crimes. As a result, the association cannot guarantee your security. You should NOT rely on the association to protect you from loss or harm. You should provide for your own security by keeping your doors locked; refusing to open your door to strangers; asking workmen for identification; installing a security system; carrying insurance; etc. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this information, please reach out to Management.



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