Motorcycle/Moped Parking Information

Posted By on April 13, 2017

Did you know there is motorcycle/moped parking spaces for lease? Management is completing an audit of the motorcycle/moped parking spaces to ensure we have updated motorcycle information on file which will allow the Association to know how many spaces are available to lease. The spaces are $250 per year and provide you a dedicated parking space for your motorcycle/moped as only the maximum number of vehicles for which the configuration of  your parking space will allow may be parked within the assigned parking space(s).

If you currently have a motorcycle in a leased space

If you have a motorcycle/moped in a designated space and you want to remain in your current space, we will need you to fill out the motorcycle registration form and submit a $250 payment to the Association. If you no longer have a motorcycle/moped or do not need the space anymore, please respond to Management and indicate you no longer have/want the space. If this information is not received by April 21, 2017 and you still have a motorcycle/moped in the building it will be towed and considered abandoned

If you have any questions regarding the motorcycle/moped policy , please contact management for details.


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